EUR/JPY has been sidelined 2016年9月20日 上午9:02

EUR/JPY has been sidelined

20 September 2016, 04:02

From a technical perspective the outlook for EUR/JPY is probably no worse than neutral.

The alignment of the 50-200-800 simple moving averages, on the 1hr chart does not show a clear trend in existence, nor the below 30 ADX at the moment is a sign of a constructive price structure. The prospect for the building of triangles, rectangles, and pennants looks to be quite realistic. Traders may opt to capitalise on such chartist patterns and their price projections.

EUR/JPY 0001-01-01T00:00:00
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S3 S2 S1 R1 R2 R3
113.54500834147 113.61000569661 113.70500437418 113.86500040690 113.92999776204 114.02499643961
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Bearish Neutral