EUR/USD remains well offered 2016年9月17日 上午3:02

EUR/USD remains well offered

16 September 2016, 22:02

EUR/USD is capturing attention with its sustained price move and soaring volatility.

The search for a low in today’s trading is reflected in the 2-standard deviation bands expanding for several consecutive hours. Moreover, the near-term technical picture shows recent close prices printing below the 50 exponential moving average, a bearish condition that should it persist, would help maintain prices below the SAR indicator.

The parabolic SAR has yet to switch direction after two sessions of downward price movement. By doing so means shorts are taking profit. Risks exist the volatility and down drift extend to higher time frames.

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S3 S2 S1 R1 R2 R3
1.1141332387924 1.1147766113281 1.1153132915496 1.1164933443069 1.1171367168426 1.1176733970642
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